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Time is running out to save our Seas.

Ocean plastic is now a global threat to all life on earth. Time is not on our side to solve this complex issue that affects every body of water on our mother earth. Our 40mm Ocean watch is a salute to watch fans everywhere who realize it's better to be a part of the solution than to sit back and do nothing. A watch case made from recycled ocean plastic is paired with a nylon nato strap made from fishing nets and reclaimed nylon fibers.

By using upcycled and recycled materials we are doing our part to clean up our oceans and limit our carbon footprint. The time to change is now...

Show Your Love For The Ocean By Choosing An Eco-Friendly Watch


Plastic & Ocean Pollution

A report from the Guardian claims that around 8.3 billion plastic tons have been generated since the 1950s, which is equal to the weight of over 8000,000 Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile, a report from UNEP states that only 9 percent of plastic gets recycled, and only 12 percent is incinerated. The remaining plastic can be found in landfills and dumps or has polluted the environment.

Tomorrow belongs to us. The time to change is NOW.

It’s The Details That Matter

#Tide Plastic Case

Robust and minimalist, the case is made of #tide ocean plastic waste. 5ATM water resist means this watch is make ready to make some waves.


Personalize your case back with an engraved message to show your suport for clean oceans or to tell someone special how you feel about them.

Solar & Automatic

Available in both the VS42 (solar movement) and the NH35 (automatic movement) versions - both options utilize renewable energy sources!

In Partnership With Ocean3c

We partnered with Ocean3C an innovative non-profit organisation targeting ocean literacy and sustainability.