Limited Edition Collectible Series

May The Force
Be With You

Make the Jump To Lightspeed.

Only available in Canada, US & Mexico

Millenium Falcon Automatic
2-Year Warranty

Once A Star Wars™ Fan,

Always A Star Wars™ Fan!

We're keeping the legacy of your favorite pop-culture series alive through our limited edition Star Wars™ wardrobe.

Taking design inspiration from its galactic themes and characters, every watch is a must-have novelty to add to your wardrobe.

Small Details That Matter

NH35 Movement

Realiable Japanese automatic Seiko NH35 movement. Self-powered winding (motion activated). Hyperdrive not available [yet!]

Star Wars™ Iconic

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars™ nostalgia with unique dials and casebacks that celebrate all the lore you grew up on.

Join The alliance

Enjoy our attention to detail with our custom second hand molded into the form of the “Rebel Alliance Starbird” symbol.