We Are A Premium Watch
Brand That Combines
Modernity, And
Italian Heritage.

The brand

We Make Unforgettable Watches FIT for a Global Lifestyle.

Our passion for design and manufacturing means our customers receive the highest quality products at down to earth prices. Explore our range and find a watch that fits your style and your budget.

Our Creative Director Simone Mazzucato

My name is Simone Mazzucato, I am the creative director of Filippo Loreti and founder of Mazzucato watches.

I was born in Milan, Italy. My family were silversmiths, and I have always had an appreciation for the tangible craft. I have had a long and enjoyable career in the watch industry, designing for some of those incredible brands that I grew up admiring. 

And today what motivates me is to bring all my expertise and creativity to Filippo Loreti watches. To combine what I know the most: designing innovative and creative watches with my unique brand DNA « Italian heritage with a modern twist «

Our Community

In late 2015, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Italian-inspired, modern-day watches. Over the next two years, more than 30 thousand people backed our ambitious vision. Today, we have over 300 thousand customers who trust their style in our hands. 

Since day one, we fostered a two-way communication with our community of clients. Together, we actively collaborate and create new and more exciting watch and accessory collections every month.

Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!



We Always Offer An Unexpected Yet Premium Touch To Our Design And Our Brand.

Italian Heritage

Italy And Its Passionate Spirit Is In Our Roots. A Long History Of Culture & Art Fuels Our Fire.

Premium & Price

High-quality Is Our Standard. We Match This With Great Products At Accessible Prices.